Means of production

DRAULT bar turning is 19 expert and qualified employees, a fleet of 57 bar turning and CNC machining machines, a 2500 m² factory and permanent investments. Through our expertise, we guarantee your satisfaction for your manufacturing of high-precision technical parts for all industries.

DRAULT décolletage

A collective at the service of your projects

Machine tool park

Micro bar-turning

22 lathes "ESCOMATIC" traditional D2, D4, D6, most of them are equipped for counter drilling and tapping, counter milling.
12 lathes "ESCOMATIC" CNC.
The "ESCOMATIC" type machines produce simple to very complex parts, from wires and rings of 0,5 to 9 mm, for large and mass production.

CNC and Multispindle machining

8 multi-spindle lathes "TORNOS" SAS16 (Ø max 16 mm)
3 multi-spindle lathes CNC "TORNOS" 8x26 (Ø max 26 mm)
1 multi-spindle lathe CNC "TORNOS" 6x16 (Ø max 16 mm)
4 single-spindle lathes CNC "TORNOS" (Ø max 40 mm)
7 single-spindle lates "CNC STAR" (Ø max 38 mm)
Automatic optical sorting machines

Tribo-finishing workshop

Machined materials

Free-cutting steel

Stainless steel








Production workshop

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