Means of production

A fleet of machines that is constantly evolving as a result of our investments in state-of-the-art CNC machine tools.

Micro bar-turning

  • 16 lathes "ESCOMATIC" traditional D2, D4, D6, most of them are equipped for counter drilling and tapping, counter milling.
  • 13 lathes "ESCOMATIC" CNC.

The "ESCOMATIC" type machines produce simple parts to very complex parts, from wires and rings of 0,5 to 6 mm, for big and massive production.

CNC machining

  • 5 multi-spindle lathes "TORNOS" SAS16, SAS16 DC (maximum passage : 16 mm)
  • 1 multi-spindle lathe TORNOS CNC (maximum passage : 16 mm)
  • 2 lathes GAMMA TORNOS CNC (maximum passage : 20 mm)
  • 2 lathe STAR SR 20R CNC ((maximum passage : Ø 20 mm)
  • 1 lathe STAR SR 20RW CNC (maximum passage : Ø 20mm)
  • 1 lathe STAR SR-10J CNC (mini/maxi passage : Ø 2 mm /10 mm)